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Recent BBC World Service Radio Interview

A family in Japan is searching for their 7 year old son, whom they put out of the car. The boy was throwing rocks at cars and the father sought for some means of teaching his son that the action was w

St. Charles Fine Arts Fest

4theBeat and I will be at the Saint Charles Fine Arts Fest this afternoon from 2-4pm. Main stage, Brooke Harris lot. If you’re in the area, stop by and dance!

New Podcasts Coming Up…

Look out, folks! I’ve been in my studio recording like a nut. Check back with the blog over the next few days for updated material and new topics. I promise you will enjoy it (or your money back). I’d

The Freedom of Focus

It takes conscious effort to focus on the things I can change and ignore the things and people who will not.

Don’t know if that’s a lifelong lesson I’ll be learning or just one for this season, but