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Finding Balance with Family Finances

In this great interview with two of our friends, we dive into the topic of $$ money, the dollar, dollar bill ya’ll. This is an episode that aired previously, and I thought it would be great to revisit

Family Business – Health, Cooking, Cookies and the Long-Term Effect of Mealtime

In this episode, The Paleo Cookie Company co-founder Anna Hagopian discusses the origin for their company and the childhood passion that drives their organiz

St. Charles Fine Arts Fest

4theBeat and I will be at the Saint Charles Fine Arts Fest this afternoon from 2-4pm. Main stage, Brooke Harris lot. If you’re in the area, stop by and dance!

So You Are An Unemployed or Underemployed Father and Husband

In this show, I take you on a very personal journey through
unemployment and the trauma it can cause. There are 6 core
principles that can help you get unstuck and back on track.

Music by Nativ L